Monster LED billboard coming to Weston

A Planning Department photo rendering of the proposed sign.

The 18.6 square metre billboard on CN property along Lawrence Avenue east of Weston Road may soon be replaced by a (nearly twice as large) LED display billboard.

According to Dave Meslin’s blog.

The new signs are much much more intrusive, brighter, and larger than anything we’ve ever seen in these neighbourhoods.

The city Planning Committee is recommending the approval of ten of these much bigger and brighter signs along the CN Rail utility corridor to replace some existing billboards while removing others (for now). This is being done at the urging of Blair Murdoch of outdoor advertising firm Allvision. Apparently since neighbourhoods along the CN line already put up with noise and diesel pollution, the additional light pollution will hardly be noticeable.

No doubt Allvision and the Planning Committee were hoping that the signs would be quietly approved. As a result of a deputation from concerned citizens, a consultation meeting regarding the LED billboards will be held at City Hall (2nd Floor, Committee Room 1) on Wednesday, December 14th from 6:30 – 9:30 pm.

5 thoughts on “Monster LED billboard coming to Weston”

  1. what a crappy rendering. it’s like they do it on purpose so you can’t visualize how it will look in reality. also, the rendering should have been made with a visual of the complete weston station, in a post ARL construction world. the current rendering is useless. they might as well have just posted a picture of a billboard and said it would be on the south side.

    IMO, i think their current proposal for this billboard will overwhelm the details of the new weston station. they should get creative and integrate ad space into the newly designed station & vicinity in an aesthetically pleasing way. putting a giant screen on a pole looks very cheaply done.

  2. I also like how the rendering is in black and white. I’m assuming this thing will be colour, like the one you see on the Gardiner driving downtown. That billboard is an eyesore and distraction, I would hate to have one here.

    It’s also just after the Welcome to Weston sign past Ralph. Not really “welcoming” to have a giant billboard.

  3. I want to know who has initiated this billboard and for what purpose is it being erected. Interestingly, we hear of this through this portal and from a private citizen. Where is the Councillor and why has she not called a community meeting to discuss?

    Good thing that there is a fire hall and ambulance bay just beside where this is going because with the accidents this will cause, at least there will be a quick response!

    Anon, you are right about where it should be positioned — integrated into the Metrolinx building. And we don’t need more random billboards telling people to shop outside the area at big box stores!

  4. The area is a Designated Historical District and should be looked at with some kind of reference to the village as it once was…. The Historical Society has many photo’s to review. The suggestion would be to have it close to the 401 for both car and train traffic to view the ad work.
    Can you look at relocating for more traffic for the?

  5. We talk about rejuvenating Weston and suddenly we are faced with yet one more offensive poorly thought-out crass commercial infusion into our battered beloved neighbourhood. Would the trees, flowers and grass be discarded for yet another uninvited commercial overkill?
    “Welcome to Weston” should say it all.
    Flora should be perched on the bridge or
    a blank canvas covered with good graffitis would be a better expression of this vista.
    This community will decay as long as politics as usual prevail and we are not more than noise on their radar. Time to participate in smoke and mirror community meeting that culminate in futility must have expired or do we still believe in miracles? Yes we can overcome but not by following their rules of polite citizens while money and obscure laws circumvent our rights. So shout, nay yell and show your contempt and a threat to vote for another representative A.S.A.P. We fight united or we crumble peice by peice while our past quality of life will be extinguished into history as a lost heritage. How long will we allow abuse or are we already packing?

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