Restaurant Report

It’s time for the monthly report of restaurants and businesses that didn’t perform well their DineSafe inspection

Jerk Box got dinged for the second time in six months with a yellow card. They didn’t provide a handwashing sink and didn’t clean washroom fixtures.

My dear, darling, Weston King Neighbourhood Centre got a yellow card for inadequate pest control and not keeping food cold enough.

The Bonita Restaurant got yellow-carded for not maintaining their dishwasher. That’s the third yellow card they’ve pulled in three years.

Alex’s Deli was warned for not preventing contamination with a cover.

P&M’s, you know I love you, but would you please, please put your food on pallets? You were told to a few months ago, and you’ve just been warned again.

Weston Station! You’re back! Way to go, buddy. About the towels and soap though: I know nobody eats at your place, but let’s keep up appearances, okay? And that’s two warnings this year. And tidy up, would you?

And props have to go out to a few stars:

  • Continental Noodles. You’re a Weston gem, and you’ve had no infractions at all for two years.
  • Devon House—we’ve never had the pleasure. You just keep on keeping on, though. No warnings for you in two years either.
  • And Pelmo Restaurant. Nice, guys. Those inspectors are all over you—8 in two years—but they can’t find so much as soap spot. Well done.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Restaurant Report”

  1. re Jerk Box- I think they are getting dinged on a technicality. They do have a sink to wash hands but maybe not specific to JUST washing hands. None the less, the Jerk chicken is wicked good. I order it all the time and so far my health is intact.

  2. I also just wanted to add, that in that respect, at least in the case of Jerk Box, I think your headline is unfair. Let’s try and support our local restaurants!

    1. Ah, I see. Well, yes, I suppose my headline might be unfair. But, on the other hand, they could install another sink.

      I agree that we should support local restaurants. For sure.

  3. Support local…if local is worth supporting.
    I am sorry but if the local establishment is dirty, gross,unclean….why would I support it.
    They should do inspections on retailers too…
    Where is Jerk Box located?

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