Monthly gross out!

Ah, Weston, how I love you! You never cease to interest me. Even from behind my computer I can peer into the darkest corners of town to find your secrets.

To wit:
Pizza Alp got a yellow card (barf) for:

  • Not having soap or detergent
  • Not storing food on shelves
  • Not sanitizing
  • Not washing up
  • And, barf-o-rama, for not having adequate pest control.

(Am I the only one who throws pizza boxes away immediately for fear of bringing roaches into my house?)

The Jerk Box got a yellow card for, god help me,

  • Not cleaning washrooms
  • Not sanitizing
  • Not having a thermometer

A few other restaurants got green cards with significant warnings:

  • Wendy didn’t make sure her employees washed their hands and had towels, and didn’t store food on racks or shelves.
  • Subway Sandwiches at the Crossroads doesn’t protect its food from contamination.
  • My beloved P&M’s forgot to store its food on pallets.

A special shout out, though, to Popeyes! They haven’t had an infraction for as long as the city has records available. Nice!

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Monthly gross out!”

  1. I may just have to try Popeyes again. I’ve never eaten at the one in Weston, but I did dine at one near Time Square in New York many years ago. Unfortunately, most of my lunch was carried off by cockroaches before I had a chance to run screaming from the establishment. I haven’t stepped foot inside a Popeyes since.

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