Monthly restaurant report

It was a bad week to be un cuoco pizza nel Weston. (I’m learning Italian.)

Halal Pizza, Weston’s oddest restaurant (except, perhaps, for the Scottish one),  got yellow-carded on its most recent restaurant inspection for one crucial error and two significant ones.

Halal Pizza did not keep its food at 4ºC or colder, did not have clean towels, and did not clean the washroom fixtures.

2-4-1 Pizza at Little got a yellow for not having hand-washing supplies, not ensuring food safety, and not using a cover for food.

Family Pizza Panzerotto (spelled, uncommonly, with the correct singular -o instead of the Americanized -i) got yellowed for not having washroom supplies, not washing up, and, yikes, not preventing adulteration of food. Mmmm. Italian adultery. Bunga bunga!

Popeye’s, El Taquito, and Indian Sweets and Samosa continued their unbroken streaks of perfect inspections.

The HJ Alexander before and after care was also dinged with a yellow card for not providing a separate handwashing sink for employees.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.