More details on affordable housing at 22 John

The lottery for affordable apartments at 22 John went live this week, and with it some details about the apartments.

27 apartments have been set aside at 80% of the city’s market rent for comparable units. For two-bedrooms, for example, the rent at 22 John will be $1,194. That’s a huge savings over the 2-bedroom prices for walk-in renters, which start at $2000.

The winners of the lottery must prove they have income below about $61,000 for the one-bedrooms and $80,000 for the three-bedroom units. They must also have at least one person per bedroom.

The lottery closes February 8 at 5 pm.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “More details on affordable housing at 22 John”

  1. Pissed. My brother rented a suite with move in date March. I had to co sign for him so that he could get the apartment . His income yeatlybis well below the $61,000. Unfortunately he signed his lease for 1 bedroom and den for a little over $1,700. Had he had known this lottery business was going to come out he would have waited and my have lucked out with a spot. I on the other hand live in the neighborhood and this may sound cruel to say but I was hoping the building wouldn’t have offered any Low income suites.

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