More details on double murder

The police have released details on the double murder that took place in Weston this weekend.

Tiberio Barcelos, 28, is believed to have killed his parents, Joao and Iva Barcelos. He was found a short time later on the tracks, having been struck by the UP Express.

The police are asking anyone who may have known about the whereabouts of Tiberio Barcelos before the murders to contact them.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “More details on double murder”

  1. This senseless & unfortunate news story has been a good example as to why it’s truly important to cross reference & check other sources of (local) news gathering services for important news stories, in general.

    I say this because the story tellers since Saturday afternoon have been all over the place with their details – especially with the tragic event’s location.

    Like the incident happened near the Weston GO station – instead of just off Church St., at least about a km away.

    Not that it really matters now, but even a good day & a half later I’m pretty sure I heard the surveillance radio station’s news reader update the story saying something about the crime scene to be on King George, near Bloor & The Kingsway. (?)

    Go figure.

    Anyway, always good to check and then check again – before you take it to the bank.

    Just check elsewhere, too.

    (Thankfully, we still have some news choices..
    but, not many.)

    1. Funny you say to check facts and check again.

      There is a King George Rd just off church street in Weston. (The street off the Kingsway is King Georges Rd) The tracks for the UPS train are less than 100ft from the intersection of King George and Church….

      1. Yeah well, heard the discrepancy on 680News.
        Close, but no cigar.

        Kind of like when something happens around here and some news gatherer tells that it was at Weston & Lawrence. And, it wasn’t even near.

        Or in today’s “back to school” news CBC Radio One’s reporter tells that Portage (Public School) down their in south Weston is in North York.

        Again, close – no cigar.

        Check the story, check the story teller.

        And of course, check the “Anonymous” guy calling out poor professional story telling types & services. Especially, those who are supported by public (tax payer) dollars – their magical “money tree” or “bottomless well”.

        You pick.

  2. RIP to the parents. The suspect’s Instagram page is littered with woman hating posts that scream violence and rage.

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