More details on missing history

I have it on good authority (a lawyer and a shrink) that criminals are not usually among our nation’s finest minds. Good authority isn’t needed though: we have proof, right here in Weston.

Nincompoop thieves stole the golden-coloured Weston mayoral chain from the library last week. It had been hanging on a wall, in a case, with a plaque, and doubtless, they stole it thinking that it was made of gold. No such luck: it’s brass, according to Cherri Hurst from the Weston Historical Society. Brass is worth about 80¢ a pound.

According to Hurst, the chain was made around 1915. The police have been informed of the theft, and the library will accept its return no questions asked.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.