More facts on drive-by shooting

According to police, the drive-by shooting yesterday was not random, and they are working hard on finding the shooters.

Toronto Police confirmed the few publicly-known facts about the drive-by shooting on King St: they recovered five casings, and nobody was injured. They also said that they have a description of the car and its occupants, who turned south Jane St after the shooting.

In news that may be related, four people were wounded at a shooting in a backyard near the intersection of Weston Rd and Black Creek Dr. The Globe and Mail is reporting that two groups of young men were involved.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “More facts on drive-by shooting”

  1. As a forty year resident of Weston I would like to take the opportunity to say that I think you are doing a fantastic job with your blog. Having said that, I’m surprised and somewhat perplexed that I am the first to comment on this unfortunate incident. It’s bad enough that this type of gun violence and crime occurs frequently along Weston Rd and the Jane St perimeter of Weston but to have a shooting in broad daylight on one of Weston’s hallmark streets should be a wake up call and a rallying cry against how bad things have actually been allowed to get in this once proud and affluent community. At the risk of sounding politically incorrect, the high number of decaying rental buildings along Weston Rd and Jane St have become a breeding ground for crime and violence and it is now having a spill over effect into the community as a whole and is no longer isolated to the outskirts. I think its wonderful that the residents rally to preserve the historical integrity of the community and its heritage buildings but unless serious measures are taken to do something about revitalizing the perimeter and getting tough on crime then there wont be a Weston left to speak of. Weston needs a coherent vision to restore it to the glory that once was and initiatives need to be taken by all the local politicians at all three levels of government. If areas such as Regent Park and Roncesvalles can be revitalized then there is no reason why Weston cannot.

  2. I was born in Weston and still reside there sixty years later. The first I heard about this drive by shotting was in the Weston paper yesterday. Had I known about the rally I would have been out there to support the group. Weston isn’t what it use to be that’s for sure but the streets running between Jane & Weston Road are what Weston use to be & still remain a wonderful place to live. They have ruined Weston Road. At one time we had our own police dept, movie theatres, Loblaws and basically nice stores along this street.

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