More info on HJA’s yellow card

Frances Nunziata’s office has dug up some more info on HJ Alexander’s yellow card. Jennifer says,
“The Public Health Inspector identified a need for a separate handwashing sink in the kitchen area. The operator asked for additional time to initiate discussion with the TDSB to have another sink installed…
The utensils are currently being taken to another kitchen in the building with a two compartment sink to clean and sanitize the utensils, which addresses the significant health concern on a temporary basis to allow the operator to work on obtaining the separate handwashing sink. Because this is a temporary measure and the requirement of a separate handwashing basin remains, they still have a conditional pass.
TPH agreed to the extension of time because of the adequate temporary solution which is in place.
The actions taken were mindful of the health and safety of the children first and the importance of providing/maintaining a before and after school program to help the working parents in the community.

Your Humble Correspondent remains unconvinced that it takes 9 months to install a sink, having done it recently himself in an afternoon. Plumbing is a drag, to be sure, but so are significant public health infractions that remain unaddressed. And walking across the building to wash dishes is a huge pain—and huge pains create incentives to jeopardize health .

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.