More New Playground Equipment

Another Weston park has received some new playground equipment. Earlier this summer, Rosemount Gardens Parkette got a swing set, slide and ride-on toy. According to Frances Nunziata’s office, some of this equipment was gifted to the community from the city. There had been a request to put a swing set in the park and apparently there was some unused equipment in storage so they decided to install it at Rosemount Gardens. Some of you might be wondering where exactly this park is located; it is right at the bend where Queenslea Avenue and Yelland Street meet. This land has been empty for years; it recently had a large number of young trees planted on the hill near the train tracks. Before the trees were planted, local residents often used the hill during the winter for tobogganing.

As of now, there are no plans to fence off the area. I am curious, for those of you who are familiar with the park, do you feel there should be some sort of fence?


3 thoughts on “More New Playground Equipment”

  1. As someone with a toddler, a think a fence would be good. I drive by this park a lot, and cars whip around the corner. If a child runs off it could be very, very bad.

  2. Chris, I also feel the same way. Not only could an accident happen if a child runs onto the street, a car driving recklessly could very easily end up in the park! My young daughter always asks to go to the “new park” but I am very hesitant.

  3. The park is disgusting…it is used equipment and kids find it very boring. There is a reason why you will hardly see anyone using it. In the winter the kids would use the hill to toboggan, but that option is no longer available. What a waste of money…..

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