More news on the cell phone registry

The stolen cell-phone registry has made news across the country this week, and was covered in the Globe and Mail, the CBC, the Star, the Ottawa Citizen, and the National Post.

Frances Nunziata sent out a press release about the subject. Along with Mike Sullivan, Nunziata deserves much credit for getting the big telcos to change their practices. She put a motion to the Police Services Board encouraging the cell phone providers to change. She said,  “I am thrilled to hear that the CWTA has taken these steps to help curb cell phone theft. I continue to be hopeful that disabling phones once they are stolen will … deter theft.”

The Federal NDP and Mike Sullivan have continued to push for a faster rollout of the database, which may not be implemented until September, 2013. This weekend, the NDP issued a press release saying that action is needed “much sooner” than that.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “More news on the cell phone registry”

  1. “…Nunziata deserves much credit “? What? Why? Can’t wait to see her get elected again and watch as nothing gets done in our ward.

    1. I think she does. She put moved the Police Services Board (on which she sits) to ask for a cell phone registry. They also got the Association of Chiefs of Police to ask for a registry. I think that the CRTC would have a heck of a hard time saying “no” to a national association of police chiefs.

  2. This was a community led initiative before anyone else got involved, and our MP was actually the last to get on board with this, so there you are.

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