More on 135 John

The Toronto Star has picked up the story of the lot division at 135 John.

Alino Lopes thought the lot he bought in Weston could be a place for him and his daughter to live side by side.

Instead, they’re finding the aging house they’re hoping to tear down and replace with two new ones is becoming the centre of a conflict between those who want to preserve the neighbourhood’s eclectic character, and provincial plans that favour intensification.

From The Toronto Star

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “More on 135 John”

  1. Someone who buys a house without doing due diligence about the community and once owns it, immediately cuts down a large, City-owned tree, has no interest in the community nor process. I have no faith in this person doing what they say – he is a developer who wants to build two skinny houses in place of an aging one that needs some TLC. Fix it up and flip it – leave it as a single house on the lot. Shame….

    1. It’s pretty clear that was a city tree and most people know that you can’t just buy mature trees; in other words, they are essentially irreplaceable. I am aware of the City bylaws regarding trees on private property and obviously on City property, nobody has a right to cut them down regardless of their size. Is it proven that this property owner did in fact cut down a City tree?

    2. Seems like a harsh view based on little facts. I too noticed the tree was removed but assumed the city did it since it is clearly a city tree. Do you have facts to the contrary?

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