More stalling from Liberals

A provincial request to Metrolinx to hand over information about the business case for the UP Express was once again blocked by Liberal members of the committee that could order it. They likely fear there is no business case, and the report will embarrass the government.

Liberals Mike Colle and Mitzie Hunter clintoned their way into a committee filibuster by saying, more or less, “Define ‘market’ exactly” again and again for 40 minutes when Rosario Marchese asked Metrolinx to produce the market study. A representative sample:

What is a market study? Is it a look at the impact and the reaction and the response by people living in the old town of Weston as relates to the air-rail link and the local BIAs there, the residents and the BIAs and what their uptake will be on the potential ridership etc.? Do you want all the background information undertaken by all the examinations of the impact this would have on Weston? Because there was a very complex situation there where there used to be a net grade crossing, and they have now had to go with a tunnelling alternative. So it’s been a very, very difficult transition in that determination of putting some tunnelling in the old town of Weston that the local residents and the local small businesses wanted. Is that part of the market study? I don’t know….


This kind of grad-school metaphysical crap-talking has been going on for months as the committee tries to block the release of the documents that, we can assume, will embarrass the government right before an election.  Colle and Hunter were helped by the Chair of the committee who ran down the clock so that the motion couldn’t be passed.

The Liberals, having faced the gas plant scandal, must be worried that their plans to build an expensive money-losing train for the 1% will cost them seats. As well it should.

Marchese brought up the committee wheel-spinning at Queen’s Park—and instead of taking the moral high ground, went after Glen Murray, the Minister. Marchese asked what Murray was afraid we would find in the report. Finding that went nowhere, he asked the Minster to crack his whip on the committee—and got a filthy misdirection and character assassination from the Minister instead of an answer.

Your humble correspondent is a civil servant. His wife is a civil servant. YHC knows the good work that government can do. And this is not the good work of government. This is repugnant, unprincipled, cowardly opacity and self-protection. This is the work of an unfit government using process to protect itself from facts.

When it prevents this report—or any report—from public scrutiny, this government is saying that its seats are more important than the truth. The government is saying that it doesn’t trust you, its employer, to judge it by the facts.

Laura Albanese, our MPP, sits on this committee. She has done nothing to further the filibuster—or to end it.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “More stalling from Liberals”

  1. Ditto that, Adam. Ditto that. And the committee transcript…appalling. Applause for Mr. Rosario Marchese for keeping it real (and for keeping his breakfast down.)

    “One thing I have learned in my time in politics is that if one of the parties is shameless, the other party cannot afford to be spineless.” ~Frank Lautenberg

  2. This is appalling. Laura Albanese has a responsibility to her constituents but only acts for party interests.
    Metrolinx is worse than the mess we see all along the tracks … And the Liberals are culpable, again, and walking away from any responsibility.
    Do you think we are so stupid, ms Albanese, as not to notice what’s going on?

  3. Yes we are stupid. We voted Laura in a number of times and she will win again… why would she bother to do anything? Same with Nunziata……..and Mr. Sullivan, we are watching you….

  4. Laura and the Liberals should be kick out but what are the alternatives? Hudak and Tories are 10x worse they probably govern like Harris and Harper again and haven;t said what anything what they do with Metrolinx. Howarth and NDP I’m pretty disappointed. I am tried of the class warfare of “middle class” she’s playing. I hope they have some good plan on what to do with Metrolinx.. So far I looking at spoiling the ballot on protest as none of the above, all main parties terrible.

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