Mount Dennis CIBC Banking Centre to close

The Mount Dennis CIBC Banking Centre

According to the CIBC website, the CIBC Banking Centre at 1174 Weston Road will close on Friday, October 20, 2017 at 1:00pm and merge with the Keele and Saint Clair Banking Centre 3 km away. Despite big banks’ record profits, there is an ongoing trend to close and consolidate branches. Weston’s Scotiabank branch closed last year.

Who will be affected most by this? People in the neighbourhood who walk to the branch or even worse, those who are uncomfortable with or cannot afford computers; namely the poor and the elderly.

One wonders, if payday loan companies can afford to have branches on every corner, why can’t the big banks?

CIBC would like you to move your banking to here.

Banks know that customers are loath to change from one bank to another and feel that cutting service (and jobs) is better for business than serving people where they live.

Mount Dennis CIBC customers may wish to move their business elsewhere. Credit unions are noted for their customer service and would be happy to welcome new clients. If you have to use the car anyway…

4 thoughts on “Mount Dennis CIBC Banking Centre to close”

  1. It saddens me to hear this……
    I wonder what will take over in its place? Another pay day loan company?. Or another abandoned building? None of which this neighbourhood needs.

  2. The TD Canada Trust and Royal Bank(?) On Jane north of Lawrence on the west side also closed in the last 6 months. Banks fall under federal jurisdiction so our MP better take note and action.

  3. But the branches will be 7.5 km apart. Only a 2 hr walk. What service. NOT!

    Victory community credit union is great!

  4. This neighbourhood is ill-served as banks close branches! Big profits, lots of fees, and now they can’t provide in person service, which makes jobs and benefits people who need local access. Appalling.
    Victory Crefit Union on Lawrence, behind Tim Hortons, is close by and bypasses the big banks.

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