Mount Dennis gets the boot.

The current sad state of the Kodak employees building (c 1941).

For many years, there have been high hopes about future development of the Kodak lands site. The site was sold to Metrus in 2006 for $19.5 million but for decades employed thousands of Mount Dennis and Weston residents directly and indirectly. In recent years came the disquieting rumour that the TTC would like to purchase the site from owners Metrus in order to install a marshalling yard. Residents were not happy about this because it would be the worst possible outcome. They have consistently told politicians that the site should be developed so that a balance of housing, parkland and top notch industry would occupy the site. A marshalling yard will be noisy, create few jobs and destroy the natural potential of the site.

Well, it’s official, except that Metrolinx quietly bought it last month and will use the entire site, presumably to shuffle and store light rail vehicles. It seems that in spite of ample warning of this looming disaster, no politician at the city or provincial level has been able to invoke the will of the people.

As long ago as 2007 the city was hoping for ’employment density’ on the site. Now the last hope is that City Council and the Provincial Liberals can act to encourage Metrolinx to be a good corporate citizen and do something to mitigate this disaster.

Is it too much to hope that Councillors Frances Nunziata, Frank Di Giorgio and MPP Laura Albanese can do a little marshalling of their own and derail this worst of all outcomes?

2 thoughts on “Mount Dennis gets the boot.”

  1. This is appalling. I have been in meeting where Frances Nunziata has supported the idea of mixed use for those lands, and now she’s surprised? helpless? and we pay again.

    It seems there is a consensus at City Hall that Weston and Mount Dennis are throw-away places en route to Etobicoke or somewhere else.

    Our neighbourhood needs help, not more Metrolinx invasion: our politicians are in place to help. Let’s see some action.

  2. Appalling is right. The saddest thing about Weston/Mt. Dennis, is that we keep electing people that care nothing for this community. Of course the area is seen as a throw away place, our elected officials obviously see it that way. Just a way to place politics, while getting away with doing little to nothing, year after year. Sad.

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