Mount Dennis in the news

The Urban Land Institute (a non-profit planners’ group) has been working on ideas to revitalize Mount Dennis. Their results made the Globe and Mail  and the Toronto Star.

The short story: everybody is on board for a more prosperous, better-connected Mount Dennis. Alex Bozikovic wrote in the Globe:

Spread new growth across the neighbourhood. Focus on jobs and mix up jobs with some housing. Bring lots of people to live near transit. It sounds simple, but would require some changes to the city’s usual planning approach.

Interestingly, many locals are on board with this agenda. Mike Mattos, who heads the Mount Dennis Community Association, says the group largely welcomes the ULI proposals and, in places, development. “We need more people in the area,” he told me. “We don’t think the retail strip is going to survive with the current population. And we need more of the right kinds of jobs.” With all that, and some inventive policy, this could become a more prosperous place without becoming any less interesting.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

4 thoughts on “Mount Dennis in the news”

  1. yay more rental towers…that seems to be the answer to everything…more and more and more rental towers….

      1. There is no problem with a rental tower, but when you saturate an area with rental towers it does nothing. No pride of ownership.

        Weston already has numerous rental towers and has that helped the area? Slum-lords, crime, empty/ugly Weston Rd….has having and adding more rental towers helped? NOPE.

        Everywhere else communities are pushing for mixed development, but not Weston. We aim low in Weston.

      2. I disagree Adam
        Weston has too many rental towers. Many of which are eye sores and in bad condition. Infrastructure and services are also not in our favour to consider putting up more rental towers.

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