Mount Dennis loses its most unusual store

Skull Store, the only place in Mount Dennis to buy an embalmed anencephalitic human fetus (risky click there), has had to move. They say “It’s the classic Toronto story – the building that houses our museum and store has been sold to developers and they are going to demolish it. We were given only 2 months to secure a new location and safely move well over 20,000 specimens – ranging from beads made from dinosaur poop to an entire pilot whale skeleton!”

It’s certainly a loss to Mount Dennis. The Skull Store also offered a free natural history museum.

The new location is 397 Dundas St E, Toronto.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “Mount Dennis loses its most unusual store”

  1. Yes, it is truly a shame that Mount Dennis is losing the Skull Shop. That being said, there is still time to take yourself, your kids (or your grandkids!) there before it moves further away – the kid in you will be amazed!

  2. I don’t exactly know why, but from this perspective this kind of stuff comes across a lot less creepy in a place like.. the ROM.

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