Mount Dennis – opportunity to improve dangerous streets .

A recent and timely article in a Toronto blog named ‘The Local’, features some well-known local characters while dealing with the topic of pedestrian safety and the public realm in the Mount Dennis area. Author, Sam Riches has written for a number of publications including Wired,  and Longreads.

Read Sam’s article here.

One thought on “Mount Dennis – opportunity to improve dangerous streets .”

  1. Thanks for linking – enjoyed the read.

    While lowering the speed limit is without a doubt the responsible thing to do, it is pretty clear that this is tremendously unpopular amongst the polarized driving population who expect/demand improvements with congestion while simultaneously having their taxes lowered.

    Worth the chuckle to note that the councillor responsible for that intersection when Chiara was 6 is the same one who defeated her in 2018, ironically branding herself as a Vision-Zero supporter during the 2018 campaign.

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