Mount Dennis stop on the UPX

Metrolinx has—I think for the first time—confirmed that there will be a Mount Dennis stop on the UP Express train. InsideToronto has a long article, well worth the read, that says, among other things, that

Anne Marie Aikins … confirmed plans for adding a Mount Dennis stop to UP which will require additional funding.

This is great news: the UPX will be that much closer to worthwhile public transit. The only problem: the fares, which will be announced next week, are expected to be more than $20.

The article contains few other details, but I think it’s safe to assume that the UPX would intersect with the new Eglinton LRT and/or the SmartTrack. Mount Dennis is shaping up to be a new transit hub.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “Mount Dennis stop on the UPX”

  1. Mike Sullivan might be able to add to this but there was a rumour a while back about a plan to eventually eliminate Weston station and use Mount Dennis instead.

  2. Metrolinx never changed the business plan when the took over from Blue 22. It was long know that the fare would be over $20, the train was never for normal commuters but for business people from Bay St and tourists. I don’t why the city and MPP Laura adding her worthless 2 cents into the debate when they knew about this all the along. It makes sense to move the station from Weston to Mount Dennis, since it will connect to LRT. But this total waste of taxpayers money since the majority can’t afford to use it.

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