MPP Ford still in the news for nepotism

Our MPP’s appointment to Minister of Multiculturalism and Citizenship led to continuing criticism this week.

Bob Hepburn, a Toronto Star columnist, said “It’s a blatant case of political nepotism — unfair and a misuse of authority” and in “total disregard for political decency”.

Marcus Gee of The Globe and Mail despaired that nobody cares that “Michael Ford owes this appointment – no, his whole political career – entirely to his family connection”. (Though Gee elides the ridings Ford won.)

Both were responding to Premier Doug Ford’s defence of his choice. Premier Ford was asked earlier this week why he appointed his nephew to provincial cabinet—and gave him a $50,000 a year raise.

He said “He just won the seat in York South–Weston that we haven’t won in 71 years. I think he’ll do an extremely good job. He has a lot of knowledge and he’s been an elected official probably longer than 60 per cent of our caucus.”

Michael Ford was also defended by Mayor Tory, who said “I put Michael Ford on the Police Board, which is a very signifant place with significant responsible…. he is thoughtful, he is hard working, he does understand his community as well as anybody else”.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.