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  1. Here is my response.

    Try to imagine if you were the Minister to whom this letter is addressed, signed by a member of the Official Opposition. Is the tone sufficiently enticing to Yurek to encourage him to “work with you” to resolve this matter to the satisfaction of residents repeatedly victimized by this flooding, once and for all? Is the purpose of the letter primarily to get something done, to make political hay or a bit of both?

    One of the many things I learned in my time as Mike’s casual employee when he was our MP was the art of diplomacy. Though he had very strong feelings about the EDA issues he fought for, he was never abusive with his colleagues. In fact, all I ever witnessed was respect and strategic thinking. He explained this to me on more than one occasion by his example.

    And look what his philosophy accomplished for us: I draw your attention to the monstrous achievements around the Metrolinx-UP express here in Weston and every corridor the express touched. He helped form a non-profit Residents’ Assoc. that picked up the mantle and spread the issue all over this part of the city. The end product was nothing at all like it was when first presented, thanks to Mike. It was truly an unprecedented achievement. This achievement qualified him to run for elected office that he won four years later against a long time incumbent.

    I suspect, though I don’t know for certain, this same approach around leadership and “making a difference” followed him the entire time he was our MP. I never saw him get angry, animated or lose control. Just professional, steady and highly focused with his usual minimalist use of words.

    If you agree, you might find the words to pass this on to others as a reminder and primer around “change”.

    Zeppo Marx is quoted as saying: “In golf, the hardest shot is a mashie at 90 yards from the green, where the ball has to be played against an oak tree, bounces back into a sand trap, hits a stone, bounces on the green and then rolls into the cup. That shot is so difficult, I have only made it once”

    I think Mike would see the humour in this little ditty, being a golfer himself but also the truth about following an usual path to get things done that are important vs setting a new path where none exists.

    1. Here is my response.

      My feeling is that you’ve used this blog post as a spring board for some inside baseball thoughts that are tremendously confusing. How about I stop you after your first sentence, and ask you to clarify what “letter” you are referring to? There does not appear to be any “letter” referenced in this post. Unfortunately, Mike didn’t seem to stress how important it is to be clear and coherent with a premise (if you want people to treat you seriously). Unclear, but this sounds like a mixed passive aggressive critique of MPP Faisal Hassan?

  2. Here is my response: to the second response, who was responding to the first response who was responding to an invitation that may not have required a response.

    Or did it?


    But, never mind that – because like responder #2, I too wondered about that elusive or imaginary “letter” that responder #1 referred to, too!!!

    A “letter” that may or may not have been written from one MPP (an orange team member) to another MPP (a blue team member). But, where responder #1 was really wishing that a former MP (an orange team member) would still be the one representing the riding.. federally – which is almost the same as the provincial one.

    Ahh, but sadly the one known as Mike (orange team guy) is no longer available because there’s this two time incumbent MP (a red team member) sitting in that former MP’s seat!

    However, as it turns out incumbent buddy isn’t really that influential in the area – perhaps because he doesn’t really live around here. And, probably figures that it doesn’t really matter if he does or doesn’t because there’s a long time municipal Councillor representing (red team related) who will inevitably check out the flood plain rumpus, at some point, again.

    So basically, responder #1’s response is really a “love letter” to the legendary one called, Mike – who’s gone but clearly, not forgotten.


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