Mt Dennis LRT station back in play

Details are sketchy, but in a presentation last week, Metrolinx said Mt Dennis will again be getting a rapid-transit station, but that it may be redesigned. That station, at Weston Road and Eglinton, had been thrown into doubt by the Ford administration’s now-overturned decision to bury the line.

Frances Nunziata opposes the old plan to build the station because homes would have to have been expropriated. Steve Munro, Toronto’s best transit blogger, says that Metrolinx may be willing to redesign that station. He said,

I asked about the possibility of redesign of the section through Mount Dennis (Weston Road) and near Don Mills and the DVP. Metrolinx confirmed that details of these areas are still being worked out.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “Mt Dennis LRT station back in play”

  1. I can’t believe that they are spending billions extending the Spandia subway to Vaughan, 905, and here on Eglinton we get streetcars and actually building stations for streetcars. Eglinton should have BEEN a subway. No thanks to Ford’s friends Mike Harris govt and Tim Hudak that was part of it. 905 has two GO lines and subway and here in Weston we get streetcars and loud diesel expensive commuter train. I am not on any side on this transit debate but I we so screwed when comes to fairness and good transit in Weston.

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