Mt Dennis power-plant drawing ire

What does “a handful” mean?

More details are emerging about the ‘backup’ natural gas power plant that may be installed in the Kodak Lands in Mount Dennis. It does not sound good. The plant will not be run only in the case of power outage. It will be run to avoid paying full price for electricity, according to an excellent article in The Star.

The gas-fired plant would probably only be used a “handful” of times a year as a back-up generator, according to Metrolinx.

It would have the capacity to run the entire Crosstown system to avoid peak demand times on the provincial power grid and save about 40 per cent on the price of electricity. It would also generate enough power to run the entire Crosstown system in a power outage, said a spokesman for the agency.

Those two statements do not agree. Power prices regularly change 40% or more.

Hourly prices for Ontario wholesale electricity. Note that they jump more than 40% from the lowest point every day.

This raises a horrifying possibility: that this power plant will be run regularly, perhaps daily. Former MP Mike Sullivan raised that issue in an Fired up over a new gas plant in our community:

It is unreasonable to expect it will only run in ’emergencies’.  It will generate power to the provincial grid whenever it is profitable to do so. 

Indeed, it is hard to imagine that a responsible fiscal manager would not run the plant at every opportunity. How could she leave a profit-generating asset sitting idle?

The David Suzuki foundation says that natural gas plants produce ground-level ozone and particulate matter, which contribute to smog and respiratory illnesses.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

11 thoughts on “Mt Dennis power-plant drawing ire”

  1. hear that? that’s no one caring….if you were Nunziata or Albanese and you always get re-elected, why would you bother?

  2. Good grief! How do we get attention to our air? Nunziata? Albanese? Are you ever on the side of your community?

  3. Am I missing something or did you not write about this on Dec 12th here – and say that it was not a big deal but Albanese and Di Giorgio were making a big deal about it for NO reason?

    So now you DO think it actually is a big deal because the Star wrote about it?
    Since you’re updating us on the issue, maybe you should link to the first post about it.

    I totally find it funny that you also don’t mention that our local politicians have actually brought this up and are in favour of alternative energy but you do mention what loser Sullivan has to say about the issue. Why do we care what he says? He no longer represents us. Didn’t Albanese write an open letter to the Minister of Transportation? I believe she did. Didn’t Di Giorgio make a motion at City Council and Nunziata seconded it? I think that happened too.

    1. Sarah, if you think you can do better, give it a shot. Seriously. You know, I’m having just the shittiest time at work, I have a puppy that keeps me up at late, and two kids to shuttle around. Judo, piano, judo, running to my friend’s house in between. I volunteer my time for the site, and I do the best I can. So I mean this: fuck off with the sniping.

      If you want to contribute, go for it. But you’ll notice that the post you linked to was written by Roy, not me. I’ve written about this issue in the past, but you’ll notice that this time I said “more details”–i.e. things I didn’t know. Because, you know, there’s stuff I don’t know.

      But really, if you think you can do better, by all means. We welcome writers. But right now, I am really in no mood for snarky bullshit. The reason I give credit to Sullivan is because it’s his idea. That’s a simple and decent thing to do, isn’t it? Jesus Fucking H Christ. You know what? Sullivan’s camp dislikes me just as much as you do. For fuck’s sake, right? I can’t win.

      And you know what? Running the site’s cost me something like $1000 over five years. Glad to do it, no big deal–but fuck, you know, that $1000 would pay for a really nice ski vacation right now. And man, could I use a vacation. Oh, or it could go to the leak I have in my basement. That’d be great.

      I stare at computer screens all day and try to snap off an article now and then to help out the town I live in. No glory. Nobody knows me. Just chugging along. And you give me this? Oh, fuck, you’ve got to be kidding.

      Go for it, Sarah. Do better. Pitch a story. I’m all ears.

      1. Sorry you’re having a shitty week. So am I. But it really has nothing to do with the post.

        I must have missed that post where you talked about our local support. Why not link to it or talk about it? Why is it always good when Sullivan says something and always bad when anyone else says the same damn thing? Why is it always more important what he says? I just don’t get it and I’m not the only one. Even look at the comments of that post compared to this one. YAY Sullivan said something. FUCK everyone else even if they said it FIRST.

        Sorry if you don’t like it – it is your blog and you have every right to delete my comments. Until then, I’ll keep pointing out the prevalent bias in favour of equality.

        Other than that – I do actually like your blog or I wouldn’t read it at all so try not to take it the wrong way. Think about this – if you tried being more balanced this blog would probably be more popular. If that is what you want.

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