Muddy Weston meets the Fixer

The Star’s Fixer has an article on the clay streets of Weston.

For weeks, Weston Rd. has been coated with mud between Lawrence Ave. and Highway 401, from dump trucks going in and out of a construction project in the nearby GO Transit/Metrolinx rail corridor.


Take comfort in the fact that this isn’t the first time Weston Road has been muddy.  Weston Road was a plank road when it was first built, and one of the oldest buildings in town—and in Canada—is the Plank Road building, which has fallen into a shameful state disrepair, and an even worse state of repair.

Thanks to the tipsters.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “Muddy Weston meets the Fixer”

  1. don’t take too much comfort. i was told that the soil they are removing is contaminated, so contaminated that they are shipping it out of province to get rid of it (i believe it’s going to michigan in the end). the problem isn’t really the mud, it’s what happens when the mud dries and there is a dust cloud on weston road and the surrounding streets and you breathe it in. the largest contaminant in the soil they are removing is creosote and i wouldn’t be surprised if dioxins are present in that soil as well, being that it is a railway corridor, it was most likely sprayed with agent orange for decades to keep plant life from growing, just like in the hydro transmission corridors which we found out just a few years ago. a potential contaminant is asbestos from the berm they removed north of church street next to the townhomes and subdivision. the soil from that berm came from the firebrick factory property that used to be at queenslea & rosemount. any testing now will probably be too late since they top layers of soil and berm which would be contaminated the most are gone. and even then, you probably wouldn’t get a straight answer. do you honestly think that they would admit to exposing the citizens of weston & the workers on the site to such contamination?Report

  2. Good grief! If this were any other Toronto neighbourhood, the streets would be cleaned, the trucks would be (according to the Star article) cleaned before leaving the site to avoid dust and grit in people’s lungs. Now it’s not only the inconvenience of the dust and grit, it may also be contaminated?!

    This is bad enough as mud and muck but as soon as we had a bit of warmth there were clouds of dust along Weston Rd and Church St, along with lots of people out walking — to school, to shopping, to bus stops where the congestion of traffic adds car exhaust to the toxic air.

    Metrolinx must take responsibility especially now that we’re facing dust clouds — according to the Fixer piece, there’s a requirement that construction companies not “foul” city streets: Help from Ms Nunziata is needed, not personalized return calls.

    I am dreading the summer months after the muck of winter and the impossibility of moving through our neighbourhood, but now I’m mad that all the community meetings and community office window-dressing has left us in a cloud of dust that may be contaminated as well as dirty and unpleasant.Report

  3. Oh my….mud, crime, lack of services, oh my…..mud, crime, lack of services oh my…..we must visit Nunziata so she can save us……do you really think she is even aware of the concerns? Election time will be here soon thank goodness.Report

  4. Yesterday I walked from Church to Crosswoods plaza. It was like dust bowl. I saw at least 10 dump trucks..speeding..honking their reading this dust could be contaminated, now I am not walking that way again!Report

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