Mugging in north Weston

A young man was mugged this week as he tried to enter his home in north Weston. On Monday, at about 5:15, two men approached the victim, pushed him to the ground and searched through his pockets. They fled without taking anything. According to police, one of the muggers ran towards Pellatt Park. The victim was uninjured.

This is the second robbery of its kind in Weston. In January, a young man was also mugged as he was entering his home at around 5 pm. That accident happened on Woodward Ave, however. Generally speaking, though, muggings are quite rare once off the major streets.

You can see all muggings and robberies in the area on our map.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. It must have happened on the east side of the hospital. There are no apartment buildings (as you pointed out) on the west, and he was mugged just inside his building.

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