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Voting will take place in a few days and the campaigns for Council and Mayor will soon be history. The endless campaigning has produced a few surprises, one of which was the collapse of the Olivia Chow campaign. Before nominations opened, the Mayor’s job was waiting for her and the campaign seemed a formality that would end with an inevitable coronation. At the end of last year, my wife and I saw Ms. Chow lose a crowd of ardent supporters after speaking for only a couple of minutes. As she rambled on, the crowd began to murmur and my wife (who has an annoying habit of being correct) confidently predicted that Ms. Chow’s charisma shortfall would result in an unsuccessful campaign. The collapse of support for Ms. Chow has disappointed many who are leery of John Tory and more particularly, Doug Ford. While Mr Tory is undoubtedly a decent man, his natural inclination leans towards business interests and his ideas on transit and transportation are poorly thought out. It seems likely he will win as the alternative spectre of Doug Ford makes a vote for Olivia too risky for many. The Provincial Liberals have committed themselves to implementing ranked balloting which will finally eliminate the need for strategic voting in the future. For now, John Tory is probably the safest candidate to choose.

In Ward 11, WestonWeb was despairing that any candidates would step forward to oppose longtime incumbent Frances Nunziata. Eventually a couple signed up, Jose Garcia and Dory Chalhoub. These two unknowns were seen as incredible long shots against the veteran of several successful campaigns stretching back decades. One candidate has used the long period of campaigning to his advantage; Dory Chaloub, whose confidence has grown as his talking points have resonated with voters. In particular, Mr Chaloub is articulate and has been able to connect the dismal state of the ward directly to the inability of Ms. Nunziata to lift York South-Weston out of its deep and decades-long malaise. In addition, Ms. Nunziata’s increased profile as Council Speaker has exposed her flaws to a wider audience. Although there is not much to choose from politically between the two, Mr. Chalhoub understands that York South-Weston needs change and is not stuck in denial about the status quo. He has a background in business and seems intelligent and assertive enough to deserve a chance. Ms. Nunziata sees no problems and therefore seeks no solutions. Her political ambitions lie in city hall; focussing on improving York South-Weston only gets in the way. It’s time for a change.

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  1. Dory Chalhoub will be the one to make the changes. Ward 11 needs a man like Dory with a fresh mind and excellent vision to better the community.

  2. if you find it more important to campaign in another ward, that means you are taking the good people of ward 11 for granted…..time to move nunziata…..time to move on….

  3. Dear Roy:

    I’ve opined in the past that research may not be your strong suit. So I’m helping you out.

    In your zest to support the alleged and self-proclaimed “candidate of change” in Ward 11, I’m not sure you’ve done much diligence on background and suitability for the job, which is one with immense responsibility.

    Perhaps you could — post endorsement — ask Mr. Chalhoub to explain this matter:


    Your humble researcher

    1. Dear ***:

      You’re right, the job carries immense responsibility and I do it to the best of my ability. I’ve enough research skills however to know who you are and that you’re hiding behind the fake identity of a ‘concerned voter’. If you’re so ‘concerned’ about this matter, why not be honest, identify yourself and save the political dirty tricks. Instead of casting aspersions and smearing Mr. Chalhoub, be man enough to express your opinion as yourself.

      Your humble reporter,
      Roy Murray

  4. Dear humble researcher,
    Your googling skills are intact!
    Typing my name and actually pressing page 2… Had you pressed page 3, you would have noticed the name of another experimental corporation registered online for it’s name that I never ended up using also called media sharks inc. They are both dissolved because I have no use for them. Filing, for your information, is a $20 annual activity fee, which i find unnecessary to pay if one does not use a corporation. If not paid, a corporation gets automatically dissolved (for non filing). Well done. You got me!
    I hope you were able to find something on Jose beyond a made up gmail account that yields no response and were able to make an informed decision when you voted. Because I’m starting to believe he doesn’t really exist… Vote splitting?

  5. *****, I don’t know who you are, though Roy seems to. Whoever you are, I know one thing about you, you also lack research skills, as Mr.Chalhoub’s response makes clear . One rule of attack is to make sure you have all the facts before high handedly, and condescendingly, pointing out an error in another’s writing, which you demonstrate in your own argument. I realize not everyone can be trained in logic, but everyone can at least be civil.

    At least twice, that I aware, you have condescendingly disparaged Roy’s research skills. Would pointing out something which might have been missed not be as valid without adding the snide comment, “I’ve opined in the past that research may not be your strong suit. So I’m helping you out.” ?

    By the way the word “opined” is the past tense of opinion. In your sentence the correct expressions would have been, “I’ve pointed out” “I’ve claimed” “I’ve stated”. Opined does not mean you’ve previously expressed this opinion several times. Put away the thesaurus, it often leads to an obfuscation of meaning. ( I could have simply said, confuses your point)

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