Murder in Mount Dennis

A man has been shot and killed while driving on Weston Road.

According to CTV, another vehicle pulled up beside a white SUV around 9 pm on Weston Road near Sidney Belsey Crescent, and the occupant or occupants opened fire with several shots. The driver of the SUV drove some distance and crashed. He was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

This is the second murder within a week in the Weston area. Minh Le, 61, was shot and killed near the McDonald’s at the 401.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. The tide is rising and it will not stop. Toronto will traverse into big U.S. city crime before you know it.

      1. I know it’s a fool’s errand to ask, but do you have any evidence that immigrants are responsible for more crime than other groups, Phil?

        As far as I know, crime rates have been falling for almost three decades, even as immigration has increased. There seems to have been one study, which concluded exactly the opposite of you: immigration causes lower crime rates.

        1. Adam, perhaps you can take a second and breeze through the Toronto Police Releases online.
          I have an inclination that you, as so many are, completely unaware of the crimes that actually happen in this city (not including surrounding police jurisdictions). A miniscule amount of crime is presented via mainstream media. Many incidents, definitely not all, are listed on the TPS website and many with suspect photos. I’m quite certain you will see that names and faces provide plenty of evidence for my comments. Maybe indulge in a look at the Most Wanted list. Point is Adam, there ain’t a damn person on that list that either arrived from elsewhere, or is the offspring of from parents of elsewhere that went through the ‘freebie’ system. Cultures that have little respect for human life, solve disagreements with violence, do what they want to women, hate westoners, hate Christians, etc. It is extremely difficult to remove that mentality after being present for hundreds of years in many countries and cultures. No offense, but has there ever been a peaceful period in Somalia? As for examples vs perhaps theory (I’m sure you’re thinking), surely you are aware of the crime spikes driven by migrants and asylum seekers in say, Germany, France, the Netherlands, etc. I have friends in France who are literally scared to go to town for groceries. Can you imagine neighborhoods where it is too dangerous for police to go, like those in Paris? Adam, what exactly are you vying for? A move to politics?

          1. Phil, here’s the trouble: all of that is anecdote and assertion. If you’re going to assert that immigration and crime are related, you need facts.

            Here are some facts. Toronto is the fourth-safest city in the world.[1] It has the second-highest immigrant proportion. [2]

            I don’t see how you can square those two facts with your assertion. I’ll add a few more to make your counter arguments harder though.

            Crime has been decreasing for decades. Immigration has not.

            The cities in Canada with the highest crime do not have high immigration.[3]

            And Phil, I read the police news releases all the time, and I have done so for almost a decade. I do not want to have any job other than the one I have now, which I love. Aim your punches at the head.



  2. All the new money for CCTV cameras won’t help with this kind of murder. Why not have more policing presence on Weston Rd which is at almost all hours unsafe because of traffic and speeding drivers trying to escape the traffic snarls?

    Schoolchildren waiting to cross Weston will soon be at risk again from speeding cars and construction vehicles, and now at 9pm at night, we have a shooting. What has to happen before we get some attention?

    1. Well, the additional CCTV cameras may not be the “magic” needed to halt all the crazy gangs & guns violence – here, there & everywhere – but perhaps it’s another small step toward calming the turbulent waters.

      Until we have something more practical & definitive, I fully agree with the calm, thoughtful and caring Chief of Police, Mark Saunders.

      An obvious man of colour, who quite likely knows more than you & me – talking that talk because he’s walked the walk – as an very experienced law enforcement official.

      And, as a Black man.

      I can’t imagine what he truly feels about the vast majority of young men lost because of gang on gang gun violence – which now often includes knives for those “up close & personal” types.

      As for the regrettable “tide” you speak of, until those rhetorically concerned families & friends honestly, truly and courageously step up and help the Chief and the TPS with the needed information & evidence to rid the streets & neighbourhoods of all those so-called,

      “He was a good boy.”

      “He was going to be something.”

      “I know my boy. He’s innocent.”

      “He didn’t have any ties to gangs.”

      And then, the many wagging fingers pointing & screaming,

      “Do something, Chief Saunders!
      We need help.
      Do something!!!”

      Then, he calmly and sadly notes that he needs their help, in order to help them. And, that nothing’s going to change, until those truly concerned step up and help (the Chief and his staff) with proper information & evidence before the inevitable end result of gun play.

      Clearly, until those “concerned” types step up and pick up the phone to make the call to (at the very least), “Crime Stoppers” these additional CCTV cameras are all the Chief and TPS have to work with – where perhaps they’ll have a decent image for an arrest.

      And if warranted, the hopeful conviction of some crazed, angry perpetrator resolving life’s issues the only way he or they know – always guided by older gangsters higher up the food chain, using these young men for their own industrious gain.

      Until a “concerned” group of mothers truly have the honest support of their “fathers & men” in the community, this is going no where fast.

      Like Adam suggests, it’s not clearly an “immigration” problem.

      Often, it’s someone like a first or second generation Canadian – from a single parent home that is struggling and heads down the road path.

      Usually, it’s a single Mom or Grandmother without the proper “hands on support”of an actual, Dad or decent, father figure for these young lads – who are trying to find their way into & through life.

      And, that holds true for any creed or colour.

      Until you get other “concerned” groups (whether newly immigrated or those now rooted for a few generations), behaving & stepping up like the seemingly, fearless members of that Nigerian community did this past cold weather season, vowing to assist and bring to justice the murders of Nnamdi Ogba, a 31 year old electrician visiting his fiancé at the residences of Scarlettwood Court, earlier this year – nothing gets changed.

      For account reference and a reminder, see the news reports from:
      CTV News Toronto – Mar.29, 2019
      CP24 – Apr.5, 2019

      These reports will bring you up to speed on where the gangbangers & suspected murders were picked up, in the west and north end.

      And then, how the primary perpetrator was in & out of the system – only to be released, again. And, literally out a couple of weeks before he (allegedly), pulled the trigger on, Ogba.

      Once again, dubious “good” work from our judicial & parole system.

      So, here we go again with these realities at hand, Chief Saunders and his decent team from TPS can only do so much in their own.

      In the case of the Ogba murder, how is it that his Nigerian friends & family from the Scarlettwood Court area stepped up with true, heart broken anger and then, sincerely & demonstrably vowed to assist the very respectful and grateful TPS detectives with the Ogba murder?

      How is it that this unique group of people looking for a better life in Canada for their families, find the strength, perhaps strength in numbers to “do the right thing” with more courage & conviction, than you or me?

      They were impressive.
      And, their grief and sadness, believable.

      We don’t hear trite & simple sayings like,
      “it takes a village to raise a child” anymore.

      And, this old saying,
      “Children never asked to be born.”

      It doesn’t matter which race, creed or colour – that child should be owed absolutely everything, from it’s very first teachers & mentors – both parents.

      And then hopefully, a supportive, caring “village”.

      Until we sort out some good, decent basics which might be as ridiculously simple & trite as,
      “Manners are little morals”, or this old mind blowing nugget, “Treat others the way you would like to be treated” and wonderfully common philosophy to every tribe on the planet – until we improve on the basic stuff and no matter what folks like, Josh Matlow thinks (about CCTV cameras), I’ll cheer on Police Chief Saunders with hopes that he and the TPS gets an assist with their law & order mandate.

      Yeah, it’s a summertime pipe dream.

      But, maybe one of these days we’ll have everyone – top to bottom – pulling in the same direction, no matter who or where they’re from. All trying to “do right thing”.

      In the meantime..
      .. maybe the bad guys will smile for the camera and show us their good side.

    1. Wasn’t Roy’s “Beige” article suggesting that there’s not likely to be a:
      Red wave
      Blue wave
      Orange wave
      Green wave

      But, more of an undefined, wish-washy soup of what.. tones?


    2. Mixed messages in wrong board way to stir up something that isnt what we are talking about…..we are saying with all the low income rental towers comes more crime which there has been more crime in weston….

  3. So tell me Adam, who do you think are commiting all of the crimes in Weston? Several stabbings on Weston Rd recently, shootings, day and night. Please explain who these people are. You don’t have to work at a college to know already. Neither myself or my wife go anywhere from No Frills to walking our dog without a knife. Having to feel like you need a form of defense is quite sad if you ask me. Thanks to the undesirables. I could write a book on the crime I see frequently in our area. A Muslim woman shoving items up her robe at Shopper’s Drug Mart, a Somali woman putting on Dollarama sunglasses, biting the tag off them and trying to walk out, another at the old Weston Bread outlet, people eating produce at No Frills, stealing produce and eating cherries only to spit the cherry pits on the floor, several youths at the Esso at Dixon and Islington swarming the cashier as others filled their backpacks with goods, my wife saw a stabbing by the UP station on Weston and the list goes on and on and on. shopper. I jumped in many of these situations but damn, what a shithole area. Thanks immigration!!! Bye y’all

    1. Wait, wait. So the crimes you yourself witnessed in Weston were stealing food and shoplifting sunglasses from the dollar store?

      This is what I mean when I say we need data, not anecdote. You are offended by the crimes you saw. Fine!

      But Phil, I’m going to put this out there and I hope you’ll agree: these crimes are not cause for worry.

      In fact, they are cause for pity. If your life has got to the point that you’re shoplifting food (from No Frills, no less), you need help, not punishment. The help could maybe take the form if a job, or a hot meal. I mean, Phil, we are talking about stealing food here. Food, man.

      Phil, I’m not going to take up your questions until you answer mine. Account for the data.

      The data are serious. Stealing sunglasses is not.

      1. & I failed to mention the black teen I chased from Olympic Variety who stole all of the scratch lottery tickets. Then there was the black teen who raced down my street in his Honda Civic at about 100km/h before seeing some police on bicycles, slamming on the breaks, reversing up the curb, taking out 2 small trees, whacking a police officer off their bike, then reversing into the front of my wife’s car! There was also the Sri Lankan drunk driver who smacked 3 cars on my street, totalling his own, before ripping off his license plate and running away. How about the Hijab woman who routinely parked at the UP station in a handicap spot, displaying a fake handicap permit in her Lexus SUV. My wife lost it on some Hijab women in the No Frills parking lot dumping copious amounts of trash out of their vehicles as if they were back in their old country. Adam, you seem like a Libtard wanker. You live in Weston, yet you have mental blinders on. The law is the law. Don’t give me some bleeding heart liberal crap about statistics and data. I see what I see and I don’t appreciate it. My great grandparents on both sides came to Canada and did absolutely wonderful things to help thus country, as did their offspring. The polar opposite of what has been arriving here the past 30 years. Bye bye everyone, as Adam boy is likely to ban me now. Free speech anyone?

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