Murray stonewalls on mud and noise.

April 13th: a worker scrapes  mud off the roadway at a construction exit on Church Street.

One has to wonder if it’s arrogance, inexperience or plain old bloody-mindedness but Ontario Transportation Minister Glen Murray has decided that photo-ops are a much better way of advancing his career than dealing with Westonians’ outrage over mud traffic and noise generated by the Weston Tunnel construction. Back in January, two days before the recent Ontario Liberal leadership convention Mr Murray shrewdly traded his wafer-thin chances of becoming Premier to front-runner Kathleen Wynne in exchange for a cabinet position.

On Thursday, responding to residents’ concerns about Weston Tunnel noise, work schedules and mud tracked through the neighbourhood, MP Mike Sullivan requested to speak to the Minister by phone within 48 hours. Apparently Minister Murray is far too busy to come to the phone but through an assistant, generously promised to make contact if “the Minister’s schedule opens up for a call in the near future”. Sullivan placed a request to meet with Murray last February but has heard nothing to date. Even letters from fellow Liberal, MPP Laura Albanese and Toronto Councillor Frances Nunziata can’t get the Minister down from his high horse.  We’ve all heard that power corrupts. However, Mr. Murray is merely Transportation Minister in a lame duck government that by tradition (with an unelected Premier) will have to go to the polls soon. Despite the probability that he’s about to join a number of his colleagues on the unemployment lines the Minister seems to think he has bigger fish to fry than deal with a bunch of complainers in Weston.

Soon we’ll have an election call. Minister Murray will become Candidate Murray, when no doubt his tone will become a lot more conciliatory. Glen Murray will be just fine regardless of the outcome. He doesn’t care that people in Weston are asking for help. There’s always an institute or community college that will employ him now that he’s quite well known. He’ll be able to add cabinet minister to the long list of jobs on his resumé – ka-ching.

No doubt the Premier will be horrified to hear that one of her ministers is ignoring the concerns of residents and their elected representatives. Use this link to direct your concerns to the Premier directly.

Post Script: April 13: Metrolinx has agreed to stick with the original construction schedule. According to MPP Laura Albanese and Councillor Frances Nunziata,

Metrolinx has listened to the community and has agreed to suspend the extended hours it had intended to put into place in the King St area. Work will continue from 7 am – 7 pm on weekdays and on Saturdays, as has been the case thus far.  We have been informed that Metrolinx will be providing information to the community early next week and will survey residents on the options for moving forward.

A follow-up meeting with Metrolinx will be held in the next 2-3 weeks.

4 thoughts on “Murray stonewalls on mud and noise.”

  1. This photo is representative of the amount of clean-up we’re getting, but the long rains beforehand give an inadequate sense of what we’re living through — as we all know.

    More meetings with Metrolinx promised (while they do nothing), ministerial silence, hand-flapping from the press, diesel fumes leaking into the school and the seniors’ home, and long lines of cars idling up Weston Rd almost 24 hours a day: we’re being ignored and poisoned.

  2. I like your blog because it is a good source of information for my home area but this post was really partisan in accusing this government of being lame and also not understanding how our parliamentary system works. The Premier is never directly elected. They are chosen by the party with the most seats in the legislature, in this case, the Liberals..

  3. Bob, thanks for your comment.
    Under the British Parliamentary tradition (upon which our own is modelled) it is customary for a premier who has not faced a general election as premier to call a general election after being appointed by the party. If you notice, I didn’t call the government lame, (but I could have). In calling it a lame duck government, I was pointing out the fact that this government’s days are numbered for the reasons outlined above.

  4. Its funny to see people complain about the dirt and eventually the diesel and when the GO station closes, yet these vary same people continue to vote the same do nothing polticians into power.

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