My Cup Runneth Over


This disgusting sight seems to be a permanent fixture on Bellevue just behind some stores on Weston Road. The trash appears to be an accumulation of food waste and it routinely spills out and spreads over the surrounding area. Perhaps those responsible should pay a bit more and rent a larger dumpster. Either way, this is a health hazard as it encourages vermin such as rats. It also detracts from the neighbourhood being just steps from the large apartment building at number 5, the Farmers Market and the GO Train / UP Express.

3 thoughts on “My Cup Runneth Over”

  1. We have this problem too frequently. The BIA needs to act, and perhaps calling 311 might get a City inspector to act?

    1. Great idea. I called 311 and they promised to deal with it within two business days. They were very concerned about the potential of rats and other animals feeding from there.

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