My mechanic to close

It looks like North York Tire and Auto, a damned-fine auto repair business located at Jane and Lawrence, will have to relocate. The owner of 1683 Jane has asked the city for permission to build a gas station and convenience store kiosk on the property.

The architectural ‘designs’

If North York Tire and Auto has to close, I, for one, will miss them. They were invariably good to me—though I suppose they would be, since my goddamned Mazda 5 put their kids through university.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “My mechanic to close”

  1. There is also a request to build a gas bar at Jane and Weston. That is a terrible intersection traffic wise, and we don’t need two additional gas bars.

  2. Take your business up to Alex Auto at Jane and William. We have been using him for 10+ years and never had bad service.

  3. Adam: You’re absolutely right about Phillip and his employees at NY Tire & Auto. I was just there yesterday and they always do a great job and don’t price gouge like so many other places. I really, really hope they’re able to find a new location if this redevelopment happens.

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