Mystery noise last night wakes residents.


In the early morning hours of last night, Weston and Greater Weston™ residents woke up to an ominous rhythmic thumping. I dutifully trotted down to check on the dishwasher which turned out to be humming away quietly.

Next, I poked my head out the back and then the front to discover the noise was external and sounded something like a pile driver. Apparently many in Weston heard the noise and talked about it on FaceBook; someone as far away as Royal York and Dixon heard it.

Can anyone shine a light on this and will it be a regular occurrence?

Update: still no news about the banging but this afternoon, loud music seemingly from the Hickory Tree and Bellevue area was playing for hours. I phoned the non-emergency police line and was told that the police no longer deal with noise complaints and to phone 311.

The operator at 311 needed an address and said that a by-law officer would investigate within five days if I could provide one (which I couldn’t as the noise is coming from several hundred metres away).

Toronto’s austerity years continue.

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    1. You mean this guy?


      Once I realized it wasn’t the dishwasher, it did sound sinister.

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