Nasty mugging in the village

Muggings in Weston almost always go down the same way: after school, punks accost a young person on Jane or on Lawrence and demand her phone. Usually, there are no weapons. The most recent mugging was quite a bit different.

Police say that a 19-year-old male was stopped by two men at the intersection of Pine and William. One was armed with a handgun. The suspects stole the victim’s belongings and fled southbound on Pine, leaving the victim unharmed.

This mugging is unusual in several ways: it happened later in the day, at 10 pm. Most muggings happen after school. The suspects also showed a handgun. Finally, this mugging happened in the residential part of Weston.

That is all the bad news. Now some good (or less bad) news: This is the first mugging in two months (and it’s not likely a coincidence that it’s been two months since school got out). While the robbery rate in 12 Division is slightly higher than in Toronto as a whole, your chances of being mugged this year are exceedingly slim: about than 1 in 700–and much less if you’re not a teen. This year, there have been 107 robberies in 12 Division (an area that includes many more, and much sketchier, neighbourhoods than Weston).  12 Division is as safe as Montreal or Vancouver, and safer than many other cities. [1]




[1] There have been 107 robberies to date. 114,000 people live in YSW. It is the 223rd day of the year.



Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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