NDP may have the lead in tight race

A poll commissioned by the Ontario Federation of Labour has found that Paul Ferreira is in the lead in York South–Weston. A prior and smaller poll by the Toronto Star had put Albanese in the lead.

The newer poll, while done by a group that would favour the NDP, was meant to replicate the poll done last weekend by the Star, but do so with more detail. The Star sampled only about 400 people per riding, giving a wide margin of error. The OFL wanted more detail in ridings that were likely to be close races. They commissioned the same polling company and asked roughly twice as many people in each of the contended ridings.

According the OFL, the NDP has an 8 point lead on the Liberals; 44% of respondents said they would vote for Paul Ferreira. In the Star’s poll, the results were reversed: 43% said they would vote for Albanese.

Inexplicably, 15% of people still reported that they would vote for Lan Daniel, the missing Conservative candidate. Daniel has not attended any debates, does not return phone calls or emails, and does not actually seem to be campaigning.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.