2 thoughts on “Neighbour’s Night Out tonight”

  1. Thank you to everyone who made our annual event another roaring success!! We can’t do this without all our volunteers, too many to name here, and our sponsors. If you like this event, let us know. If you have comments on how we can make it even better, let us know. If you want to volunteer, get sponsors or sponsor it, let us know.

    After 7 years of co-organizing this event, it’s still fun to do and a pleasure to see everyone out enjoying themselves. Weston is a wonderful community going through some rough times. Let’s work on turning it around together!

  2. This is a great way to generate cash to donate to local charities like Frontlines. It really would not work without Mike and Suri’s tireless efforts, without Doug providing the ice, or Todd providing the huge barbeque grill, or the McBride family providing their driveway, or the donations of community sponsors, or all the volunteers who come out year after year. Bravo to all!

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