New arts program announced

Artreach announced several new—and, frankly, cool—programs for Weston and environs. Artreach is funded by the city, the United Way, the province, and many other donors.

Kids in Weston will soon be able to learn parkour at the one-week “Fly Free” workshop.

If, however, jumping off buildings isn’t your kid’s style, there will also be a lower-impact spoken-word workshop, “The Passion”, for 20 youth. The participants, between 13 and 29, will create a CD of original material in the 12-week program.

There will also be a one-year-long “musical instruction and mentorship program” for young people 15–24. The organizers say that they will be teaching four instruments and helping young people form bands and create performances.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.