New coffee shop

When I first moved here, Weston was a sleepy little town. I mean that literally—we were terribly under caffeinated.

No longer! Black Cat Espresso Bar is the newest and hippest of the speed merchants to move to Weston. They’re moving into one of the new spaces at the south end of Rosemount, and they seem a little fancier than most of the other places in town, with oat milk, pour-over coffee, and stuff like that. Sounds great!

Photo from BCEB rather than embedded because stupid Instagram breaks my site. Apologies.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

19 thoughts on “New coffee shop”

  1. Theres retail space in rosemount?. I thought this street was strictly residential?. Anyway I’ll check black cat out.

      1. The location is unfortunate. I hope I’m wrong but I give that place maybe 2yrs before it’s gone. The foot traffic is not there. Weston has much higher foot traffic but not the type of feet that care to enter the establishment or afford the product in some cases. Fingers crossed! This is one step closer to finding that rainbow unicorn (aka making Weston look like Roncesvalles)

          1. Katherine yes we will have a little patio in the courtyard there. Please follow us on Instagram to be updated on the progress and opening date

        1. This is Justin the owner of Black Cat, don’t worry we will stick around and are very excited to be coming. I have three other businesses that will help support the move here. I truly hope this is a great thing for the neighbourhood! Look forward to meeting you.

  2. Theres a black cat espresso bar on college street. Is this the same chain that’s opening on rosemount?

    1. Hi Anonymous, yes this is the same one, it will be our second location and looking forward to it!

  3. More gentrification please, MORE MORE yuppies needed in this area (never thought I’d have to say it. But it might be the only solution)

    1. I agree Matt but when you have certain people in the community supporting Weston becoming the new armpit of toronto make it difficult for yuppies to wanna come here

    2. Matt, I’m not a yuppie lol. Wish I had the perceived income of a yuppie lol. I’m a 36 year old guy with a wife and an 18 month old daughter who has a lot of experience in the food business. We do ok on college street and have a food wholesale business as well and this will be a second location for Black Cat that I hope becomes a neighbourhood hub. I will know everyone’s names and their kids names and really hope the little spot with be a nice meeting place for friends, and families and people that “work from home”, we will have big tables and wifi and great coffee and food and cool tunes. The space will also be available for rent for private functions if anyone needs space for that, and further I will be starting a barista training course out of the space in the evening. I’m excited to meet everyone.

  4. Right at the train station is a great location and the new tenants are making a difference. The spring weather and new John St building are making the streets more peopled in the best way.

    1. Not sure what imaginary world you live but if that’s what you think then I see unicorns at night.

    2. Weston Neighbor I compliment you on your foresight. I look forward to meeting you and discussing how awesome Weston Village is, what a little gem in Toronto.

  5. As a new homeowner on the east side of the tracks Was definitely excited to see this post and look forward to when they open late summer.

    1. Taylor hoping to be done construction July 1 and open by September 1. Look forward to meeting you!!

      1. I wish you the best…I will visit and enjoy…but you will only survive if you produce something good like P&M, and Zeal Burgers.

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