New entrant in race for councillor

Ward 11 has been Frances Nunziata’s turf for as long as the ward has existed, and nobody has come close to unseating her: the last serious challenge was by Paul Ferreira, in 2006, and he was walloped.

Nunziata’s long reign may, at least, be challenged. Chiara Padovani, a left-leaning activist, announced her candidacy this week. In her letter to residents, she said,

For too long, we’ve been forgotten by City Hall.

Overcrowded buses, potholes, flooding, abandoned lots with overgrown weeds – these are just a few examples of the municipal neglect in our community. Growing inequality, unaffordability, declining city services, and a lack of meaningful community engagement from the current leadership at City Hall, threaten to worsen the quality of life for all of us.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

Chiara Padovani
From Twitter.

Padovani has institutional support like no challenger has had in more than a decade, and she will flank Nunziata from the left, where Nunziata is weakest. She has also been positioning herself for a several months as an advocate and community member, and led opposition to a meat plant at 200 Rockcliffe (including in these pixels).

Nunziata has not yet filed her election paperwork, but when she does so, she will be the third candidate in the riding. Joey Carapinha, with whom your correspondent is unfamiliar, has also registered.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

7 thoughts on “New entrant in race for councillor”

  1. “Joey Carapinha, with whom your correspondent is unfamiliar, has also registered”

    I can remedy this situation. Anyone who wants to learn more about who I am and what I stand for can contact me at [email protected] I am currently organizing, sorting and deciding on the next steps in my desire to actually give the residents of Ward 11 a voice and not just pay lip service to that phrase.


    1. I have known Joey Carapinha for close to 20 years. He is passionate and proud of the community in which he lives. He is a strong defender of diversity and multicultural communities. He is a strong defender of human rights and dignity of the person. He believes that no matter where you live or what ward you reside in the communities should have equal economic opportunities, security and maintenance. To City Hall it should not matter what your Ward number is for providing municipal services. He does not tolerate poor planning, financial irresponsibility, poor decision making or the mistreatment of others well. He has a backbone. I can assure you should you be the Premier, the Mayor or a outside organizatiom who is planning on putting something in the Ward because they see it as a Community in Need as opposed to the vibrant community it is without the community’s backing or proper consultation those people will be hearing from him and he will be loudly and directly defending the communities interests. He would make an excellent Counsellor for Ward 11.

  2. I have known Joey for almost 30 years, and I have known him to always care for and defend the interests of the small guy.

    It does not surprise me to learn that he is still looking out for average people in the community.

    I am confident that the citizens of ward 11 will have a very different representation from the little guy who walks the beat and does not hide in ivory towers.

    The best candidate is now present.

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