New PC candidate: Mark DeMontis

The Progressive Conservatives have long been total also-rans in York South–Weston, but that looks about to change. Mark DeMontis has announced his candidacy for the PC nomination.

DeMontis, a Westonian, is well known for rollerblading across Canada to raise money for Courage Canada, a charity that helps blind and low-vision people get into hockey. DeMontis was a promising hockey player himself before losing much of his sight in early adulthood.

Past PC candidates have been total duds, and have barely campaigned. DeMontis, by contrast, has been present in the community and has been increasing his presence on Twitter for several months. He may prove a challenge in this traditionally centre-left community.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

5 thoughts on “New PC candidate: Mark DeMontis”

  1. Shame he isn’t running for city council to unseat Nunziata. He’s a great guy and can get things done. Unfortunately I can’t support the PCs.

      1. Why can’t I support the PCs? Differing ideologies. My main concerns are environmental protections and improvements, better public transit and cycling infrastructure. I’ve voted for the Green Party for every election in the 20+ years I’ve been eligible to vote (except for once when I voted strategically for the Libs and immediately regretted it).

        Why should Nunziata be unseated? Time for some fresh ideas and someone who is a bit hungrier. She should take a page from Councillor McMahon’s book and retire herself. And she didn’t respond to an emailed question I sent a few months ago, which in my opinion, is not good enough.

  2. Has anyone checked DeMontis’ twitter? He’s got a petition calling for the recognition of Drake in YSW? Maybe he should be running for Councillor.

    Maybe he will find his feet – this is an opportunity for the PCs to do well in YSW, especially since the NDP is putting forward a pretty low-profile candidate. But, ultimately, this is Albanese’s to lose. And losing is unlikely.

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