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  1. How many marijuana stores are they going to.put in Weston. We have enough problems.with drugs and gangs and I guess these store owners don’t care that Weston has lots of. Children seniors teenagers etc. Who is giving these three stores. licences to.operate..Obviously the prospective owners only care about making money and not improving the community

    1. Holy puritanical and distorted views on Cannabis Batman!

      One would think that if your primary concern is gang related, that you would prefer a legit business setting up shop. Do you somehow believe that cannabis users are not valid members of the community? I hate to burst your bubble, but cannabis is not crack cocaine or heroin. Perhaps instead of yelling at clouds, take the time to educate yourself?

      Furthermore – there is no mystery behind licencing – the powers clearly lie with the province, whose initially roll out was a spectacular failure due to a lack of strategic geographic locations (and a poorly designed website for online sales).

      Tar and Feathering the owners, whom you and I know nothing about personally (I assume), really says more about you than it does of them. A strong vibrant community consists of diverse voices and interests, and not just preachers who point fingers and make ridiculous ignorant accusations.

      If anything, perhaps you should consider becoming a customer, as it might help calm you down.

      Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  2. Gee, “Barber”
    kinda harsh.

    I get what you’re saying, but it’s hardly the same as providing a community a much needed service of a humble “green grocer”, a modest mid-sized grocery store or a larger, one stop super-duper store.

    Hyacinth, may have good reason to concern herself with yet another (at best) “health store” in the ‘hood.

    And from her life experiences, she may have good reason to be troubled by yet another “retail outlet” that doesn’t necessarily & exclusively offer her or her loved ones in the community a truly helpful, healthy choice.

    Only perhaps more, potentially harmful choices in the “party favours” aisle because that seems more important to some people, and the buzz feels so good.

    For a short while.

    Seriously, legit or not – and in this age of “Covid-19 – if you’re smoking for your health, that’s not the greatest thing to do to your lungs.

    And, if you’re ingesting for better nourishment purposes, it’s really too bad that you’re at that stage – where you find this to be the solution to poor health instead of those trips to the produce section, along with a more active lifestyle.

    So, overrated, I might suggest in a day & age where we are overly entertained and when we’re a little bit blue, we “go running for the shelter of mother’s little helper”, as it were.

    And me, the self righteous “defender” of Hyacinth’s perspective..
    Yeah, I’ve been there & done that lots in the past, and really enjoyed socializing, to a point. But, like Ringo sang, “.. I got tired of waking up on the floor ..”. And realized, my focus was a tad off in my good time Charlie mellow state of mind.

    It worked out better for me, without.

    And maybe, that’s Hyacinth’s wish for others around here, too.

    But, live & let live.
    Carry on.

    (We’ll work on those grocery store options another day.)

    1. It was harsh, but also somewhat warranted.

      To clarify – I have no personal interest in such stores, as I no longer use cannabis. I do, however, strongly believe that it is a way lesser social evil than alcohol. If stressed out, busy people need some help winding down, I’d much rather they have access to regulated cannabis, then getting it from who knows who, where it was grown using who knows what.

      Lack of access to a decent sized grocery store (within walking distance) is very much an important issue, but it shouldn’t be conflated with cannabis. The presence of a cannabis store does not prevent the other from existing, as there are many vacant storefronts of (I assume) similar size along Weston. I don’t think there is any current building on Weston that is suitably sized (similar, or bigger than Greenland), so the only hope will be to have something like that built with future development. Under the reign of Nunziata, I’m not holding my breath.

      Re: “It worked out better for me, without”

      I’m sure that there are plenty of people living in Weston (who own cars) who never stepped foot in Greenland, and could care less that is gone. Being indifferent about things that are important to others is the very definition of being selfish.

  3. I sense that the real concern of Hyacinth was that in an area where many people genuinely struggle, and that has seen better days & hopes for a healthy resurgence, she and many like her would generally hope for better options for the one’s they love – other than and before another liquor store or cannabis dispensary enters the general area.

    Can’t & don’t see anything wrong with that sentiment.
    Her heart’s in the right place.

    So, whether we walk it in or drive, it’s frankly nice to have good, healthy choices.

    And, I’m pretty sure we’d benefit more from a good fresh food store – like Greenland Farms once was when still doing viably well.



    1. The sentiment did not escape me.
      I’m just scratching my head because I’m not clear what such laments will achieve.
      Hya stated “How many marijuana stores are they going to.put in Weston.”

      Who is “they”?
      Empty storefronts on Weston Rd are (to my knowledge) privately owned.
      Anyone who is interested is welcome to seek a commercial business lease to operate a business. There really isn’t any sort of a they that controls this, so long as the business operates within the confines of what is legal. I would expect that the province has some sort of geographical cap for cannabis stores, as it would be difficult to successfully operate any business if the market is over saturated.

      It is not the government setting up these cannabis stores – it is private individuals who are taking risk by investing capital.

      Longing for yesteryear sentimentally isn’t going to change this.
      Finding ways to attract investment could potentially change things. Tar and Feathering cannabis shops (without knowing anything about the owners and what they are about) is as ridiculous and useless as broad racial laments (ie boo hoo hoo, Weston isn’t as white as it used to be – what can be done to make it great again?). To be clear, I’m not suggesting Hya feels this way.

      The only way Weston Rd will be able to attract legit healthy businesses (banks VS payday loans, grocery stores, etc) will be through some form of government involvement. As can be seen from the last couple of decades, the free market is why many such businesses moved out. I can’t imagine this trend will change in the Covid era, where financial ruin for many business is par for the course. Perhaps the elected reps of all 3 levels of gov’t will find ways of making improvements, but once again, I’m not holding my breath.

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