New speed cameras

Weston will soon be getting a new speed camera, and another one will be placed just outside of Weston proper.

One camera will be placed on King Street near George Street, near H. J. Alexander school.

The other will be on Lawrence, east of Jane, near Martini Drive.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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Maureen Jago
1 month ago

Need a speed camera on Weston Road between St. Philips and Church St. the speeding is insane.Cars always speeding and cutting off other drivers and speed bikes(crotch rockets) flying down full tilt especially late at night the noise is horrible and god help anyone who may be crossing the street.This is a straight away for speeders.

Weston neighbour
1 month ago

More speed cameras are needed definitely. We’re practically a racetrack along Weston Rd. from St Phillips.

Bob Murphy
1 month ago

Should a speedometer be put on Westons lack of real deep deep affordable housing. How many more of our community members will be driven out. When will our Councillor Nunziata speak and step up front for her constituents?