New towers planned for 1765, 1775 Weston Rd

The architect and property manager of the high-rise buildings at 1765 and 1775 Weston Rd say that they are planning more towers on the site.

The towers have had a troubled history. In 2006, Now Magazine declared the owner one of “Toronto’s Worst Landlords“. The state of repair in the apartment buildings was so bad that the few remaining tenants sued for and won a rent rebate. Since then, the owner, who lives in Montreal, has hired new property managers, and things are much improved, according to Frances Nunziata. She says that the new property manager has led to “a 100% improvement”.

The towers will now be renovated as part of former mayor David Miller’s “Tower Renewal Project”, which will improve the environmental and social features of the buildings. City staff will provide advice, but the city will not contribute money to the renovation.

There were several different designs being proposed at the conference, at least one of which included another tall building on the site. There could also be a pair of low-rise wings.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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