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The Mount Dennis newsletter has a lot of great stuff, including, bestill my heart, a disputation on bicycles. The MDCA is asking the city staff to build a “Railpath North” from downtown through the Junction to Mount Dennis, among other things.

The Railpath, if you haven’t had the pleasure, is a bike highway that along the tracks in the downtown west end. It’s fantastic. Extending it would be an enormous benefit to us. Right now, getting to the west end safely is impossible; to ride on Jane is to hate life. Yet,

A dedicated rail‐side multi‐use path [could] be built from Ray Ave. to Rogers Road. This will allow cyclists to avoid the hill as well as the dangerous Weston / Black Creek intersection…  With some creative engineering, it could connect through the Junction to the existing Railpath.


The MDCA says they have also got an agreement from Metrolinx that the new bridge over Eglinton will “safely accommodate both cyclists and pedestrians…with full separation from the busy bus‐way”

But why stop there? Weston and Mount Dennis are bike barren, and they needn’t be. York, where I work, is almost an easy bike commute, and our neighbourhood is an ideal community for employees: there’s an express bus to campus (where parking is a fortune) and we nearly have the infrastructure in place; all it would take is a safe route along Wilson—which, according to the city’s plans, we may get.

Tie it together with a safe route along Albion, and we are in business: a bike commuter’s paradise, with a short ride to Humber, York, the Junction and downtown.

Why not

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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