Nice article on moving church

Inside Toronto has a great article on the time they moved St John’s Anglican Church. And then gave up:

On March 8, 1894 the building was lifted off its footings and it is believed put on skids or rollers and pulled carefully over the snow out to and then south on Main Street known now as Weston Road.

Problems developed.

There were overhead wires that had to be removed. Winter ended early and the road thawed and turned to mud. The “move” halted in the middle of the street, just south of Church Street. To clear the road, the building had to be shifted onto vacant land on the east side of the road.

And there St. John’s Anglican Church, “Father Johnson’s Chapel”, has remained, bricked over and beautifully restored, one of Weston’s architectural and historic gems.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.