Nice article on Weston Wheels

We’re not big National Post readers at the Norman household, so we nearly missed a really nice article on Weston Wheels, the local charity bike shop.

Cameron Richards is being modest. When, towards the end of summer, his fellow volunteers at Weston Wheels — a new youth-operated bike shop in the priority Mt. Dennis neighbourhood — absconded to get summer jobs (ones that paid), the Grade 12 student at York Memorial Collegiate Institute worked solo, dutifully coming in four or five days a week to help the modest flow of customers with warped wheels or busted gears.

“My mom wanted me out of the house for the summer; she told me to come here,” he says with a shrug….

To reinvigorate the project and attract both new youth volunteers and adult mentors, on Sept. 12, LEF and CCEDNet co-facilitated a strategic planning session cum six-month anniversary party. The roughly 35 attendees — staff from both organizations, past and would-be youth volunteers and curious community members — reviewed Weston Wheels’ initial goals and brainstormed ways to make the store sustainable. Ideas ranged from increased marketing to selling jewellery made from old bike parts.

Only one criticism. The headline writer says that Weston Wheels is in Etobicoke.


Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

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  1. This is a great example of what helps young people, and Weston Wheels deserves community commendation and support!

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