No charges in police shooting at Crosswinds Plaza

No officers will be charged in the police shooting at the Crossroads Plaza in January. A 38-year-old man, who the SIU calls only “John Doe”, was shot four times. He survived.

The SIU says that the man was rummaging through dumpsters behind the plaza when the police approached him in their car. As they got out of the cruiser, he threatened them with a large butcher knife. The officers backed away and called for backup, who arrived soon after.

The man waled some distance away as the police followed. He approached them wielding the knife even as they shouted at him to drop it, and, when he drew within 2m of one of them, was shot.

The director of the SIU said in the press release that “In my view, the subject officer was justified in the use of potentially lethal force against Mr. Doe; he represented an imminent threat to the subject officer because he was armed with a large-edged weapon, was not complying with police commands and was continuing to advance toward the subject officer.  Further, the subject officer was in a very difficult position to retreat due to his proximity to the roadway. Accordingly, I do not have the grounds to cause a charge to be laid with respect to this incident.”

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.