No condos at Weston and Oak

The vacant lot at Weston Rd and Oak St will remain vacant for the next five years, according to InsideToronto. This lot is directly across for the Ward Broome Building, which will likely soon be demolished. Your humble reporter does not know if the two issues are related.

The vacant land had been zoned for condominiums, but the article says Metrolinx has since purchased it, and will use as a staging area for the construction on the Georgetown line

A sidebar to the article lists some of the other vacant properties in Weston.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

One thought on “No condos at Weston and Oak”

  1. if they ever decide to provide local service on the ARL in addition to the express trains, this site would make an excellent location for a local stop.

    they razed heritage worthy homes on this site. i hope they would make better use of the land and not build another stucco styrofoam box.

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