No light at end of tunnel for McGuinty

Thirteen elected representatives delivered a letter to Dalton McGuinty asking him to “listen to our communities” and inviting him to a town hall to hear their concerns about the diesel trains that will soon be running on the Georgetown line.

Politicians of all stripes and from all levels were signatories. Mike Sullivan and Frances Nunziata both signed the letter. Laura Albanese did not.

The letter informs Premier McGuinty that the politicians do not agree with a recent announcement made Transportation Minister Bob Chiarelli:

Minister Chiarelli recently stated that the decision to electrify the ARL will only be made after 2015 and refused to commit to a timeline or funding for electrification.The Minister claims that the “train has left the station” on this matter. As representatives of over 300,000 Ontarians who live near the rail, we can assure you that our constituents are not on board, and neither are we.


Chiarelli, to be fair, did say that electrification remained a priority.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

6 thoughts on “No light at end of tunnel for McGuinty”

  1. Very Telling. I can’t imagine the reason for Laura not signing. She’s going to have a lot to answer to come next Provincial Election. I will remember this.

  2. This community and everyone along the rail corrridor is being hung out in the fumes, and for what? So Metrolinx and McGuinty can continue business as usual, while we are being poisoned by the fumes of idling cars endlessly waiting (“delays”!) along Weston Rd and being stopped along the one route (variable) available through the neighbourhood.

    Mr McGuinty and Ms Albanese are betraying the people of Ontario by creating health hazards that will drain services from OHIP for a very long time: years ahead of inhaling a known carcinogen from diesel fumes is the future we see every time we wake up again to the dust and delays — and political inaction — of this construction project.

  3. Why didn’t Ms. Albanese sign the letter? Maybe Westonweb should interview Ms.Albanese and ask her why she to sign.

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