No news on fares

Metrolinx declined to release any information on fares for the UP Express at its quarterly meeting on Friday despite media and political pressure over the past few weeks. The CEO was also “noncommittal” about electrifying the line by 2017.

Metrolinx staff, though, will meet with airport workers, according to The Star. Workers are worried that the line will be too expensive to use for regular commuting. One worker told The Star

We’re shareholders (of UP Express). Calling us customers is disrespectful. When it’s a public company, on public lands, using public funds, the public are the shareholders, not the customers. It’s our service and we’re being excluded from it,” he said.

MP Mike Sullivan released a letter last week to Steven Del Duca, the Ontario Minister of Transportation. In it, Sullivan adds his voice to the chorus asking for reasonable fares. He also asks for more stops along the line.

Author: Adam Norman

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