No speed humps for Rosemount?

City staff are recommending against installing speed humps on Rosemount because not quite enough people responded to the survey asking their opinion.

The city sent out a survey on September 28. To recommend humps, the city requires a 50%+1 response rate and a 60% approval rate. In this case, they got a 46% response rate and a 67% approval rate. In other words, it was close.

Community Council can overrule city staff, and it often does. If it does so in this case, eight humps will be installed between Ralph and Queenslea.

City staff also recommended against an all-way stop at Rosemount and MacDonald.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

3 thoughts on “No speed humps for Rosemount?”

  1. The one stat that is missing (and we live on Rosemount and got the full results) is that 18 ballots were mailed out and returned by Canada Post as undeliverable, and they’re counting against the total of returned.

    There are too many idiots doing 50-60 down the street that we really need speed humps. Hopefully the community council votes in favour.

    1. I also live on Rosemount, and it’s true. People drive like lunatics on the street. Even more so now that it has been paved between Church and Queenslea. They don’t have the potholes to slow them down. What I want to know is who are the dingbats who live on Rosemount who voted against them? And how do we encourage the community council to overrule the city staff? Special thanks to Luisa who went door-to-door to remind people to send their ballots in.

    2. Re the undeliverable labels: Canada Post is using these at random, it seems, as a perfectly addressed piece of mail to me, at the address I have lived for 12 years, was returned by the post office labelled “unknown.”

      Those ballots may have suffered the same random returning and should certainly not be counted.

      Rosemount needs speed humps for safety. And radar for the speeding.

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