No speed humps on Patika?

The city has recommended against building speed humps on Patika between Jane and Pine.  Staff found that too few cars were going too slowly to warrant building the humps.

To get the city’s nod, the fastest 15% of cars need to go more than 10 km/h over the posted limit, and more than 1000 cars need to use the road every day. The 429 daily cars on Patika were not going fast enough to warrant the humps.

Community Council can overrule staff on April 4, when the humps are considered. If they do so, a survey will be sent out to residents.

Author: Adam Norman

I am raising my two children in Weston.

2 thoughts on “No speed humps on Patika?”

  1. I live on Patika Ave and I can say for sure that the only reason why people are driving so slow on our street is because of the horrible condition it’s in. The asphalt is crumbling everywhere on the street and there are pot holes everywhere. If it was in better condition you can bet people would be driving a lot faster on it.

  2. Haha, Christine I was just going to post that you don’t need speed humps when you have speed (pot) holes.

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